The Confabulist Manifesto.

A Frightful hobgoblin stalks throughout Holbeck. We are haunted by a ghost, the Ghost of Confabulism! . . .

There’s nothing moderate or modest about Temple Works. The people who built it must have been a tad mad; an Egyptian Temple! In grey and lugubrious South Leeds? Get over yourselves. Why would anybody bother? All that was needed was another box, another factory, another Temple to Mammon, why go to all that hoohah? . . . thank heavens they had the imagination! There is nothing quite like it.

To celebrate our first Christmas as the newest, strangest, most beguiling cultural space in the North we’re having a Christmas Story fest. Just use your imagination.

Tell it like it is, or just make stuff up. Entirely up to you. Just send us your stories.

Here’s the rules:

The story has to be set in or around Temple Works, Christmas time.

It can be anything from 50 to 5000 words, but the shorter the better. Less is more, brevity is the soul of wit and all that.

If you don’t have a story, just a flash of inspiration, that’s fine too. Send us your flash.

Rules are meant to be bent and broken, ignored and abhorred.

If you’ve read the rules and nodded along then that’s very worthy of you but maybe you shouldn’t be writing a Temple Works story. Perhaps go fill out your tax return instead. If you’re the sort of person who doesn’t give a damn about rules, reality, right and reasonableness, then what are you waiting for. There’s a story in there somewhere . . .

Send your contribution to or join us on Google Wave (coming soon!)


10 responses to “Firstly

  1. Will have submission to you by end of week to consider, digest and butcher at your will. L x

    • philkirby

      Cheers. Any contribution to the rest of the site would be most gratefully received. As you can tell, I have struggled with the technicalities when I should have been concentrating on the words. Early days yet.

  2. kevin

    oh u may have fired my enthusiasm! just need spare hour to write it now!

  3. Simon

    There once was a man who went to Temple Works, he was a man little and full of quirks. He drank some blood, and threw a little mud & before he knew it he had discovered where evil lurks…

  4. Very tempted…good excuse to write something festive…will try and get one to you as soon as…

    • philkirby

      That would be lovely. Still haven’t thought about a closing date . . . obviously before Christmas though! I’ll put submission details on the site asap. Still early days.

  5. Mercutio Sands

    Could you give us a link or two to some pics and info about the Temple? For those of us who’ve never been to Leeds.

    • philkirby

      I’m sorting that out asap. I’ll put a couple of links on there today but I’m also raiding the Leeds archive on Friday morning for the good stuff.

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